Udita Bhattacharya

November 23, 2001

About Candidate

Resident of Kolkata. Currently pursuing a Masters in Economics from India Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). Interested in policy, climate and international relations.

My undergraduate is from Presidency University, Kolkata (2020-23). I have 2 years of part-time intern experience in the social-policy sector (CSR, Sanitation, Gender, BCC) under a organization named LIVELIHOOD research which has worked for big name clients as a third party. I had a wonderful experience during my time as a representative in Warwick Economic Summit 2022 which grew my interest for public policy. I was one of the few representatives chosen to meet Beatrice Fihn (Director of ICAN) and in that meeting she talked about how through advocacy, ICAN was able to achieve their goal of preventing Nuclear stockpiles. This opened my eyes to the power of policy in making the world a better and more peaceful place. I have also been a journalist for the Telegraph in School ever since I was in grade 8. I have several cover stories and interviews, over the years being awarded several times by the Telegraph for my contributions.


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