For Clients, Employers and Recruiters

Access Polity employs a rigorous vetting process, including skills assessments, interviews, and profile matching, to ensure that candidates are a perfect fit for your organization’s unique needs and culture. This personalized approach enhances the chances of finding the right talent.

Access Polity is a specialized platform dedicated to Indian politics and public policy. It is a one-stop shop for all things politics and policy.Unlike LinkedIn, it curates a community of political professionals, ensuring you connect with candidates genuinely aligned with your mission.

Yes, Access Polity can assist in identifying candidates with specific skills and political affiliations. Our team combines human experience and expertise with our platform’s unique algorithm so that you can be guaranteed precise person-to-profile matching.

Access Polity is committed to gender inclusion in Indian politics. We actively promote and connect employers with female candidates, furthering gender diversity and balance in the political space. We also take pride in our cohort of female programme alumni and network of female political and policy leaders and professionals offering support and peer-learning opportunities to other womxn looking to build careers in this space.

Posting a job opening is straightforward. You can create a listing on the platform, specifying job requirements and preferences. The Access Polity team will then assist in matching candidates to your posting.

We guarantee a rigorous vetting process to ensure candidate quality. We are committed to finding you the perfect recruits for your team so that you can concentrate on other organisational outcomes. We shortlist our top picks for each job profile and help you choose between them through a personalised selection process until you’re satisfied. Our precision matching process aims for qualitative and quantitative success in the placement process.

Yes, Access Polity extends its services to intern and volunteer recruitment, catering to various staffing needs within the political and public policy domain.

Access Polity offers comprehensive support, from candidate matching and interview coordination to onboarding assistance. We also offer generalist training to all our candidates to help them perform a variety of tasks in the political and public policy landscape. We also offer specialised, role-based training to meet any particular requirements you may have. The platform ensures a seamless hiring process.

Access Polity serves a broad spectrum of organizations in the Indian political and public policy space, including political consultancy firms, individual politicians, political parties, political offices, NGOs, Urban Local Bodies, campaign teams, think tanks, advocacy groups, SHGs, ministries, government departments, and more.

Access Polity caters to talent recruitment across India, providing access to candidates from various regions. We can help you find candidates according to linguistic, cultural, regional and local considerations if needed.

Access Polity prioritizes confidentiality and privacy. The platform ensures that sensitive information is handled securely and follows best practices for data protection.

The timeline can vary depending on specific requirements and candidate availability. We understand that things move fast in the political domain and we customise each onboarding process as per client requirement. Access Polity works diligently to expedite the process while ensuring candidate quality so that your new recruit can hit the ground running.

Access Polity provides ongoing support, mentorship, and a peer community for talent, contributing to their long-term growth and retention within organizations.

For Prospective Talent / Candidates

To create a profile on Access Polity, visit the website and follow the registration process. Fill in your details, including your picture, qualifications, skills, and preferences to start exploring job opportunities. Contact Us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Access Polity offers a diverse range of positions in the political and public policy space, including roles in research, advocacy, policy analysis, campaign management, and more. The platform caters to various career levels, from interns to seasoned professionals.

No, prior political experience is not always necessary. Access Polity provides opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds and skill sets to enter and excel in the political and public policy sector. Consideration and recruitment for specific roles, however, will depend on the job profile and the experience necessary for the same.

Access Polity’s talent matching process involves assessing your profile, skills, and preferences to connect you with suitable job openings. There are no fees associated with using Access Polity as a candidate; it’s a free platform for job seekers.

Access Polity and NETRI offer specialized training programs and workshops related to Indian politics and public policy. To enroll, visit the NETRI website and explore our training offerings, which include online courses, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Access Polity and NETRI offer training programs designed to assist individuals transitioning from other fields. These programs equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in Indian politics and public policy. We understand that many of our to-be recruits are considering a change mid-career or later and we believe everyone deserves a fair shot at pursuing a different passion and a real chance at being able to serve the country and participate in politics and policy irrespective of backgrounds.

After placement, Access Polity and NETRI provide ongoing support through mentorship, networking events, and access to resources. We ensure that you continue to grow and excel in your political career.

Political organizations in India seek a range of skills, including policy analysis, communication, research, and advocacy. Qualifications vary, but a strong understanding of political dynamics and public policy is valuable

Building a strong profile on Access Polity involves detailing your qualifications, skills, and experiences accurately. Read our Advice For Aspiring Political Aspirants here for some pro tips! We also strongly urge you to actively engage with our team, other members on social media, participate in discussions, and showcase your passion for political and public policy issues.

Yes, Access Polity and NETRI host networking events, webinars, and workshops that offer opportunities to connect with peers and industry professionals, fostering a supportive community. We also stay connected with our alumni and larger network across various platforms, including but not limited to WhatsApp groups, support chats and our social media accounts. One-on-one and peer-support are at the very heart of what we do here at Access Polity.

You can apply for multiple job listings simultaneously on Access Polity. This increases your chances of finding the right opportunity that aligns with your skills and interests.

The interview and selection process can vary by organization. Access Polity provides guidance and resources to help candidates prepare for political sector interviews and assessments.

Access Polity offers training and resources to help candidates prepare for interviews and assessments, including insights into the unique requirements of the political and public policy sector, conversations with our leadership and team, personalised coaching sessions with domain experts, problem-solving sessions and so much more!

For Training Programs

NETRI’s training programs aim to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to excel in the Indian political and public policy space. The main objectives include providing comprehensive education, fostering leadership, and promoting civic engagement. All our efforts feed into our core vision of creating access to inclusive, gender-agnostic opportunities for all in the Indian political and public policy landscape.

NETRI collaborates with a network of political leaders and professionals, policymakers, and domain experts who serve as trainers and mentors. Their credentials include extensive experience in politics, policy-making, and public affairs as well as niche specialisations.

The duration of NETRI’s training programs varies depending on the specific program. Topics covered typically include political analysis, leadership development, policy advocacy, campaign strategy, and effective communication as well as other technical and social skills required in the domain. For more details, check out some of our past programme highlights here, here and here.

Yes, NETRI’s training programs are designed to cater to individuals with diverse backgrounds, including those with no prior experience in politics or public policy. The programs offer foundational knowledge and practical skills.

To enroll in a NETRI training program, visit the NETRI website and explore the available programs. Fees can vary by program, and specific details are provided on the website.

NETRI offers certifications upon successful completion of certain training programs. Certification details are typically provided for each program on the website.

NETRI often provides access to some training materials and resources for broader learning. Check our social media accounts and website for available resources, articles, and webinars related to political careers. For truly transformative learning, however, we highly recommend signing up for one of our programmes. We can’t wait to welcome you to the NETRI family!

NETRI’s training programs complement Access Polity’s career placement services. By completing these programs, candidates enhance their qualifications and skills, increasing their chances of successful placements in the political sector.

NETRI offers various program formats, including online, in-person, and blended options, varying from edition to edition. This approach was adopted during the first year of Covid-19 to provide flexibility and safety while allowing us to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules. We try to design each programme now such that it offers maximum benefits to all who have signed up for it.

We welcome individuals from all walks of life and do our best to support you on your journey, helping you balance your interest in public policy/ politics with your other responsibilities. While specific programme timetables may allow some room for flexibility, we can also always help you choose the right programme for you after assessing your interests, ambitions, needs and other factors.

NETRI’s programs are tailored to the Indian political landscape and are known for their comprehensive curriculum, experienced trainers, and a strong emphasis on practical skills. But above all else, we are are a collective of women passionately committed to seeing other womxn succeed, leaving no stone unturned in our endeavour to creating a truly level playing field. We WANT to see you do well and it is this dream that sets us apart from all others in the arena.

At this stage we are unable to offer financial aid options to candidates but we are exploring options for the same and hope to expand our design to partner with organisations and others interested in the same.

NETRI provides access to additional resources, including articles, webinars, and workshops, which are often available on our website, social media accounts, other media outlets and through our network of partners and affiliates.

NETRI’s success rate depends on the program and the individual’s commitment and effort. Our programs are designed to significantly enhance candidates’ prospects of securing political roles through comprehensive training and skill development. You can read our testimonials here and our success stories here.