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About Access Polity

Access Polity is India’s first exclusive job portal for political jobs in India, unlocking 100s of opportunities in the policy and political ecosystem. Access Polity is NETRI’s first step to aggregate the fragmented political space by bringing all the political actors who provide opportunities for political participation under one platform.

It is built on the principles of accessibility, transparency, and equitability, with a gender lens to create a safe space for women to become a part of the political ecosystem.

At Access Polity, we are reshaping the landscape of Indian politics and public policy. We understand that the path to success in this dynamic field requires not only talent but also precision, support, and inclusivity. Our mission is to empower both organizations and aspiring professionals to thrive in this ever-evolving domain.

Access Polity by NETRI

We are India’s first political incubator and aggregator for women in politics. We work towards inclusive political change at the macro level by transforming individual lives through mentorship, training programmes, and building a community of women in the Indian politics and public policy ecosystem.

NETRI has partnered with national, international, and local organizations working on different dimensions of women’s empowerment to guarantee economic, political, and social access. We ensure success on either end of the political and policy hiring process by identifying and nurturing talent as well as matching talent with discerning employers. NETRI’s unique model of selecting hand-picked and highly-trained individuals for specific roles ensures that deserving candidates are given every opportunity to succeed while our clients and partners are assured of high-quality assets.  

Why Access Polity?

Precision Matching: We curate a pool of political talent primed to excel in your consulting ecosystem, aligning seamlessly with each employer’s objectives.

Diversity & Inclusion: Access Polity is at the forefront of driving gender inclusion in Indian politics. We invite all stakeholders to partner with us to lead the charge for a more balanced political landscape.

Talent Management: Beyond recruitment, we provide holistic support, mentoring, and a peer community to tackle professional challenges head-on, reducing the employers’ management burden.

Experience the Access Polity Difference

Our platform isn’t just a hiring tool; it’s a partner in helping organisations create their own success story. We handle talent acquisition, nurturing, and development, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best: delivering political excellence.

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